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A Visual Journey through Colin’s life…. please click into each picture to view it full size

Colin and mum (Irene) playing with a kitten!

baby colin!

Don't Slouch!

Mum and Colin...

A proud dad (John) with his son...


Colin and family friend...

Colin by the river in Thetford, around 1964

Colin had just finished building a tower of bricks when his baby brother knocked them all over, Diss!

David & Colin at Grace & Frank Thurlings, North Walsham

David, mum and Colin at Dartington

Colin at prize day, Paston, North Walsham (he asked for a book on fossils because it reminded him of some of his teachers! ... we recently found this book!)

Furmages & Featherstones ... yes..! Colin is sitting with the glasses..

Colin, centre, in philosophical mood during University...

Francis Sanders, outside 10 Lucas Place, Leeds, the house Colin rented with him

Colin in work mode...

Dad (John), Sarah, Frank (Turton), mum (Irene), Mary and Colin! Mundesley

John, Sarah, Frank (Turton), Colin, Irene and Mary, Mundesley

David, Mum, Dad and Colin with a young James and younger Luke, 1999

Christmas! Mary (Turton), Colin, Sarah...

Sarah, David (why bother to dress..!), Colin & mum...

Colin, Neil (Mackin), David & Sarah, a Christmas...!

The original 'Furmage' family, Colin, Irene, John and David

Colin's musical friends..!

Visiting Solihull...

Colin, David and James somewhere..?!

friend of Colin's....

Colin in party mood!

Colin in party mood..!

Colin, Christopher and friend by the beach...

Christopher and Colin, one Christmas..!

Christopher and Colin, one Christmas..!

Colin & Christopher

Sue & Christopher ...

Christopher & Sue Bayliss

Sue with a younger looking Christopher!

Sue, Christopher and friend...

Colin planting an apple tree..

David & Colin planting an apple tree, North Walsham...

Colin and his love of animals...

Sue Bayliss, Christmas...

Colin striding home to Costessey, dad trailing behind!

Colin in his Costessey House, 2008

Colin gets out of city centre living to the country, Costessey, nr Norwich

David and dad at The Forum, Norwich, 2008

Colin always enjoyed the art at The Forum, Norwich, 2008

Colin at The Forum, Norwich, 2008

Alison, Francis & Eleanor Sanders

David & Colin at Bure Valley Steam Railway, 2010

Christopher & Amy

Colin out walking by the broads at Salhouse

Colin and Dad at Bure Valley Railway, near Aylsham, 2010

The horses that got to know Colin well, in the field next door!

Colin would only feed the horses organic carrots..!

Colin's lounge at 'Paddock End', Witton near Norwich

Colin's keyboard...

Colin in happier times, at The Forum, Norwich, 2008

The above photos were played in a sequence at the thanksgiving service for Colin. They were accompanied by a performance of Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring, played on the organ by Alan Morris.


OTHER PHOTOS … Thank you for these photos, please contact David if you have some more we could add…

Colin being encouraged to paint by Ross Munro. This is the last photo ever taken of Colin, about 6-8 weeks before he died

Colin being encouraged to paint by Ross Munro

Colin sent by his friend Francis Sanders

Francis Sanders & Colin Arm wrestling at 10 Lucas Place, Leeds in the 70's!

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